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Majestic Morocco

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SOL Mat Majestic Morocco

Majestic Morocco

by Surgey Santiago
Massive píse buildings. Some of the most distinctive architecture in the world. The majestic mountains, manic markets, souks filled with charm and delicious tagine meals cooked in clay pots that will leave your mouth watering. 

The excitement I felt before the trip is unexplainable. I knew that Morocco would be like no other country I’ve visited before and I was right. 

We arrived in Marrakech with a connection in Paris and our Riad shuttle was waiting for us right outside the terminal doors. 

The temperature was quickly rising to 109 degrees as I had predicted but knowing this would be unparalleled to any other experience, I walked into the air conditioning van with the biggest smile on my face. The driver was pleasant, he thanked each one of us for visiting his country and offered us water to cool us off from the intense dry heat. Then we headed to #riadgoloboy. 

Gazing out the window like a 5 year old headed to Disney World, I people-watched from the van window. Dust flying everywhere, children running and playing, vendors selling leather goods, lanterns and food. We arrived at our Riad (town houses built around a garden). They are not for everyone but definitely a unique experience. The Medina where our Riad was located consisted of extremely narrow roads that didn’t allow our vehicle to drop us off directly in front of our home so we had to hike the rest of the way by foot. My travel buddies looked at me alarmed but I assured them we were going to be okay or were we? 

To our surprise, five minutes later, we start noticing beautiful wooden doors to many Riads located all over the Medina and a man waiting for us at the end of the street saying welcome. The humble caring service and their continuous effort to please us was charming. The rooms were all very unique in their own way. 

My daily walks to the market didn’t get old. I got on a camel. I drank mint tea. I purchased leather goods from the cutest old man. I devoured delicious plates that were all knew to my tastebuds. 

We later took a road trip to #chefchaun, about an 8 hour car ride to visit the sky blue city, a town filled with blue that represents or maybe just in theory that the blue keeps the mosquitoes away. Others say that it symbolizes the sky and heaven while others have documented that Jews introduced the blue when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930’s. Whichever story may be true, walking the alleys with many shades of blue was uplifting. A fairytale fortress sure to please the eye. 


Food 🥘

La Maison Arabe!


Riad Goloboy
Taxis are extremely affordable.
Haggle persistently before buying.

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