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Posted by Leeann Brzozowski on

With Summer right around the corner, the last thing you want to neglect is your skin. While SPF needs vary for everyone, it's imperative to make sure you're covered when it comes to the right kind of sun protection. Before we talk about the best products to invest in, let's cover some of the basics when it comes to SPF and what the numbers really mean. If you have skin that doesn't burn, you can get away with a lower percentage of SPF in your sunscreen like 8-25. Be sure to cover moles, your face, and any freckles that you might want to keep from becoming darker. When you have fair skin, the higher the SPF doesn't always mean it's effective. Keeping your protection in the range of 30-70 is perfect, as most sunscreens that advertise higher numbers don't necessarily protect more. It's best practice to apply sunscreen daily to your face and body, especially during the hot summer months.
From barbecues to afternoons spent snoozing on the beach, here's a list of the best sunscreens I've rounded up to keep you looking fabulous without the effect of harmful UV rays:

Amore Pacific SPF 30 Sun Protection Mist

This light, refreshing cooling mist is the perfect sunscreen to wear every day when walking around outdoors. It's light texture doesn't cause the skin to feel greasy and you're not dealing with thick, heavy creams. Simply apply all over your body right after the shower before getting dressed, to ensure you get every inch of skin covered. 

Drunk Elephant Umbre Tinte Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

This tinted sunscreen gives the ultimate protection for daily use and you can see where you apply it, making it that much easier to cover missed spots that might be affected by the sun. With it's sheer and glowing finish, your skin will look radiant, and feel nourished. Anti-aging ingredients such as grape extract and sunflower keep skin firm and help prevent signs of aging. Sounds amazing, right?

Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil, SPF 50

This hydrating dry oil gives a high SPF protection and is the ultimate multi-tasking product, as it gives an instant bronze tint to the skin while helping build color gradually through it's built in self tanning component. This product works perfectly for skin that tans easily to help darken color, or on fair skin types that need protection and have a hard time building a tan on their own. Lather generously and get your glow on.

Sun Bum SPF 70 Original Sunscreen Lotion

If you're an active outdoors enthusiast or have a full day at the beach planned, this sunscreen from Sun Bum is the perfect formula to keep your skin hydrated and protected while sweating or being in the water. With its easy to apply formula and really delicious scent, you'll instantly fall in love. Re-apply every 90 minutes to ensure it stays effective the entire time you're soaking up sun rays. 

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen 

If you have sensitive skin, sunscreen can sometimes cause breakouts and irritation. This sunscreen from Blue Lizard is the perfect product for sensitive skin with it's non-irritating ingredients. Micronized zinc oxide gives the ultimate protection and keeps skin protected and free of irritation.
Which sunscreens are you willing to try this summer?