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Hightide Capri
Hightide Capri

Hightide Capri


  • The Sol Mat is a multi-use full body mat suitable for outdoor use, is travel-friendly and ergonomically designed for women. The marine-grade outdoor foam has been contoured to allow a woman’s chest to fit comfortably when lying face down. The Sol Mat also incorporates a waterfall pillow for additional support for relaxation or for reading. 
    • Dimensions — 24"W x 66"L (open); 12"D x 24"H (closed)
    • Upholstered in two outdoor fabrics: one non-stretch material that covers the majority of the mat and an outdoor stretch fabric covering the chest contour. The stretch fabric is made from a natural biomass called Chitosan made from crab shells. 
    • Incorporates straps and hardware that allow it to be rolled up and easily transported. 
    • Light-weight, and water, fade and mildew resistant.
    • The foam has been contoured with a pillow for additional head support.
    • Some common areas of use for the Sol Mat Resort Collection are at the beach, poolside or on a boat.  It can also be complimentary and placed on a chaise lounge to elevate comfort.